Free Initial Consultation Explanation

Here at The Preston Law Firm, we believe the free initial consultation is a very important part of the legal process. The free initial consultation allows you to familiarize yourself with the attorney and allows the attorney to explain what he can or cannot do for you before any money or services are exchanged.

Finding and hiring the right lawyer for you and your needs is a very personal process and not one that should be jumped into without a certain amount of research. Part of this research is discussing your needs with a lawyer before you decide to hire him.

This is why we at The Preston Law Firm offer the free initial consultation.

Of course, there are limits regarding the free initial consultation:

  1. The free initial consultation is a thirty (30) minute meeting during which the potential-client evaluates the lawyer and the lawyer evaluates the matter; and,
  2. The lawyer cannot provide any legal advise to the potential-client as to do so would potentially create a client/attorney relationship.

At the end of the free initial consultation, the attorney will let you know whether or not he is able to handle the matter and will discuss the estimated fees/fee structure should you decide to retain the Preston Law Firm to handle your legal issue.

If you have a question that requires a legal opinion, the attorney will inform you that such a question would require a legal opinion for which we must charge. A fee will be discussed and agreed upon based on the hourly fees listed below, and the opinion may be rendered. Unfortunately, we must charge for any legal opinion provided due to our insurance.

We look forward to meeting with you and determining how we may assist you. Please, CONTACT US TODAY!

Hourly Fees:

William T. Preston, Esq. Attorney $300/hr
Eric T. Preston, Esq. Attorney $285/hr
Carl M. Harmon Paralegal $150/hr
Kathryn P. Preston Legal Assistant $150/hr

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