While most people work hard to make money and gather assets, not very many people take the actions necessary to ensure the money they’ve earned and the assets they’ve gathered are protected from the risk of outside influence.

We’re all concerned about the risks that we can see every day – such as that semi-truck that is swerving out of its lane on the highway.  So, we take steps to minimize the risks we see – we  slow down, stay behind the semi-truck, ensure our seatbelt is on, and sometimes even get off the road to stay safe.

However, not many people are concerned about the risks that we can’t see.  But, just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they are any less real or dangerous.  At The Preston Law Firm, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to put a seat belt around your assets and determine if it would be best to slow down, speed up, or get off the road to avoid that proverbial swerving semi-truck that’s putting your assets at risk.

How do we do it?  Florida is known for having the strongest laws in the nation protecting debtors from creditors.  We use these debtor-friendly laws to protect your assets in three steps.

First, we will meet with you one-on-one at one of our two locations, in either New Smyrna Beach or Daytona Beach, to discuss and assess your individual situation (assets, risks, and goals).

Second, we handcraft a personalized plan tailored specifically to meet your goals.

Third, we present to you your personalized plan and work with you to ensure the full and complete execution of your plan.

Think of your personalized asset protection plan as insurance for your money, and be happy with the investment you’ve made in your future financial well-being.


Asset Protection F.A.Q.'s

How much is it going to cost to create and execute my personalized asset protection plan?

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