Estate Planning

Estate Planning is important for all people along all walks of life. Estate Planning is NOT “only for the rich.” Everyone would benefit from a competent and comprehensive Estate Plan… READ MORE


Asset Protection

While most people work hard to make money and gather assets, not very many people take the actions necessary to ensure the money they’ve earned and the assets they’ve gathered are protected from the risk of outside influence… READ MORE



Probate is the process whereby an individual’s estate is finalized and assets are distributed to his or her beneficiaries upon death. We can help… READ MORE



Declaring bankruptcy is a very difficult decision that must be made during stressful times. We are here to help. Learn how our experienced staff can assist and guide you to making the right decision for your circumstances… READ MORE



If you have a loved one who is incapacitated or developmentally disabled, you already know how difficult day-to-day activities can be. Likely, you also know that unless the incapacitated or disabled individual enacted planning documents in anticipation of such circumstances, you don’t have the legal authority to handle many of the individual’s day-to-day activities. We can help… READ MORE